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Veg Out: Roasting in the New Year!

Veg Out: Roasting in the New Year!

The upside to the winter weather is turning on the oven and roasting some vegetables. Just as the season planned it, the best vegetables to roast are ready for harvest. So smell the aroma and eat more vegetables with a crispy toast!

It is amazing how much everyone eats when popping one after another until the whole pan is gone!

Consider using only winter vegetables and buying directly from a farmer.  There is a handy new website (app) that lists what is expected to be in season in each State. It is the Seasonal Food Guide. Can you believe there is more variety available in the winter than in the summer?  Especially when it comes to roasting!

Here are my tips to roast veg without a recipe:



The Winter Farmers Markets are in full swing, so take advantage of the fresh winter harvest at your fingertips.  I look forward to hearing about your favorite vegetables, seasonings and garnish in the comments below.