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Salsa on Up to Pick-Your-Own at Pure Land Organic Farm

Salsa on Up to Pick-Your-Own at Pure Land Organic Farm

Pure Land Organic Farm is open on Friday, June 30th 9am to 12pm for sure. Keep up with their farm’s pick-your-own times and location on their Facebook or Instagram page before you go.

Some like it hot, peppers that is, and Farmer Fancypants has dedicated a whole row just for you! Farmer Fancypants? Yes, that is the tag name for Megan Neubauer, who farms on acreage just minutes northwest of McKinney with her father, Jack “Pops” Neubauer since around 2011.  This is Pure Land Organic Farm.

This year was their first opening of Pick-Your-Own on Pure Land Organic Farm for tomatoes and peppers. There was also a spread on the table under the weighing station tent that was full of red and yellow onions, plus large heads of garlic to round out a really, fresh salsa. Or simmer a sauce or whatever you fancy. You buy (cash or card) what you pick, so you might has well enjoy!

Megan just shows us that farmers can be nimble and creative, so when they saw their tomato bounty and the success with the blackberry u-pick just ending, they continued into late June with a tomatoes and peppers. With over 1000 pounds of Valley Girl, Cherry and Gold Nugget tomatoes picked, this seems like great addition to their booth sales at the McKinney Farmers Market on Saturdays 8am to noon.

Oh, and these are not just any ol’ tomatoes, Megan and Jack start the seeds in their greenhouse and garage way back in January. Planning, planting and caring way ahead so that the common folk can get a taste of these summer morsels that are the exact same ones that are used at Harvest in a wicked Bloody Mary, preserved by Patina Green for farm to table dinners and sundried with the sun at FT 33

Tomatoes this year are so flavorful, you can almost just slice and eat! I used my pickings from today in tasty salad bowl with some leftover quinoa, splash of balsamic and Texas Oil Ranch olive oil and a sprig of basil leaves! Don’t worry, salsa will be next!

Make sure you don’t miss out this season…get out to the farm, farmers market or a little grocer that names the farms (see listing here). And let us know how you use and preserve your summer tomatoes in the comments below!