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Bridging the Rural to Urban Gap

Bridging the Rural to Urban Gap

Chefs for Farmers (CFF), top culinary event in Dallas, intersects rural and urban by connecting farmers and chefs and foodies.  Finest chefs want the finest and freshest ingredients, but they also know the value in the regional history of what has been grown or raised.  This back-to-the-land value is highlighted at the CFF event by the best-in-the-country chefs’ small plates highlighting featured farmers.

The secret in this farm-to-table movement mounting in Dallas is in the heirloom seeds and crops and livestock nurtured on the land and the knowledge gathered from previous generations in growing, foraging and curing for the larder.  The celebration of Chefs for Farmers is a celebration of bringing the farm to the city!

I am thankful for the Facebook posts by Chefs for Farmers with Chef/Farmer pairings and farmers’ posts leading up to the events.  I have pulled them together for this article and hopeful that many more chefs and farmers and foodies would also share their connections, inspirations and stories.

I attended CFF Bite Night with Marie Tedei from Eden’s Organic Garden Center/CSA Farm  where we talked about her relationships with chefs since the first CFF event at the long table on her farm in 2010.  This year she is part of a featured farmer duo, Two Lady Farmers with Beverly Thomas of Cold Springs Farm.

Farmer Marie Tedei, Edens Organic Garden Center/CSA farm delivering peppers to Luis Olvera of Trombo for tacos at
CFF Street Food Night Market. 


And Mustang Grapes for Katherine Clapner of Dude Sweet Chocolate.
Mustang Sally Soft Serve for the Street Food Night Market on Saturday.



South Texas Heritage Pork – cured Jamon Tejano will be sampled at the farmers booth at the CFF Main Event.

John Patterson of Fork will prepare a hyper-seasonal, ingredient-driven masterpiece with South Texas Heritage Pork.

Pure Land Organic Farm’s peppers were noted as a fall inspiration by Eric Dreyer of Fearing’s Restaurant.

Bois d’Arc Meat Co raises livestock on farm pastures in Honey Grove, TX.  Ryan Olmos of CiboDivino sourced farmer Thomas Locke’s pork jowl and the W Hotel sourced grass-fed beef short ribs.  


Rebecca Masson of Fluff Bake Bar to make “Poached Pear & Gingersnap Ice Cream Sandwich” with Hill Country Dairies cream and Rae Lili Farm pears.  Sofia Herrera of Rae Lili Farm is a CFF Honoree. (read here)


Cartermere Farms prestine fresh vegetables for Jeff Harris of Victor Tangos, serving of
Smoked Beef Belly, Roasted Squash Mole, Preserved Greens, Pumpkin Seed Brittle


“Lamb Tartare with Charred Lemon Tajin and Cured Egg Yolk on Beet Cracklin” is Steve McHugh’s farm fresh Main Event dish from Cartermere Farms.


Sun E Farms dandelion will be featured in “Dandelion and Oxtail Dumplings” by Joshua Harmon of Junction Craft + Kitchen.


Chris Patrick of Abacus pairing with Highway 19 for”Heart of Texas” Braised Broken Arrow Ranch Wild Boar Chili, Homestead Mills Ground Grit Bread and Brazos Valley Cheddar” 


A Bar N Ranch was the main feature farmer for the CFF Bite Night with beef dishes from their American Wagyu cattle.  To find out more of the farmer pairings look for the farmers tables at the Chefs for Farmers Main Event.

The good news is that we can celebrate every day farm to table when you frequent these these chef inspired restaurants and also shop from the farmers at their CSA and markets!  There is such deeper meaning to the food we eat when we incorporate the connection with the farmers!

Photo credits to Chefs for Farmers Celebration of Food and Wine Facebook and Marie Tedei, Pure Land Organic, South Texas Heritage Pork and Bois d’Arc Meat Co Facebook pages.