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Helping others deepen their ties to the producers of  wholesome food and find the joy in relationships with farmers, ranchers, food artisans and the local food community.

Amanda Vanhoozier

Join me and explore the tasty adventure of developing a personal relationship with the people that grow, raise and make what we eat!  I am passionate about fostering a community of supporters that want to know where their food comes from, want to make sure it is accessible and want a deeper, more authentic, connection with the farmers, ranchers and artisans.

As recent Director of Market Operation at the Dallas Farmers Market, I led the transition to return the farmers market to the original 1941 intent…to be a farmers market for farmers to directly sell as a producer-only market.  Within two years, the farmer participation was increased by 85% and now attracts a community of customers who want an authentic relationship with the food they are buying.

And before that, I founded these local food markets and gardens with the general belief that following nature’s systems that sustain life will also cultivate healthy communities…

Coppell Farmers Market (2003), where this gathering place has provided a rural-urban community connection for local food and fellowship.

Coppell Community Gardens (1998), where a strong community of gardeners grow and donate just picked produce to food pantries every Saturday all year round.

Stringfellow School Outdoor Learning Environment (1991), where children were introduced at a young age, that it takes an entire school year to grow a garlic from a clove to a bulb.  Yes, growing food is a process and full of life lessons taken from the ground up.

Gather your friends and families and walk, bike, run, dance or whatever, just get outside of ‘eating out of the box’ and discover what local food can do for you!

Follow along and belong!



Consulting– Amanda Vanhoozier, LLC

In the News –

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